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O Mosque, O Mosque!

O Mosque, O Mosque, O sacred place,
O Mosque, O Mosque, center of grace.
Your minaret, from which light abounds,
Sends forth your meaningful sounds.
With a hundred counsels you invite us,
To hasten towards Allah's forgiveness.
Hasten for the prayer-food of sages,
Time of ascension and flying through ages.
Hasten in my direction the prayer, the prayer,
The best work is prayer so honest and fair.
O Mosque, fair guide of the human race,
The sound from you is the sound of faith.
A tent of light on dark, dark land,
A cool canopy on hot, scorching sand.
Over our heads, you, kind neighbor,
Our citadel in times of danger.
Holy cradle of heart, soul and faith,
Of me and Allah, a meeting place.

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